April in your garden

April – how wonderful! Gardens burst with amazing colours – pink and white blossom on trees, blue hyancinths, yellows from late spring flowers and forsythia. Longer daylight hours allow more time for this brilliant gardening month – providing the weather stays fair of course – as well as infusing the spirit with more energy. Sustainable […]

March in your garden

March – the beginning of spring and a favourite time of year. The warmer weather brings the garden and one’s enthusiasm for gardening alive. There is still time to plant climbers, trees and shrubs; new herbaceous perennial plants can be added to borders; and bird-lovers can put up nesting boxes (on the north sides of […]

February in your garden

Goodbye January! At last there’s a sign of longer daylight hours and spring approaching. The garden may well seem dormant but there’s definitely growth at ground level where tiny buds and shoots are appearing. We associate spring with bulbs, beautiful daffodils, crocus and hyacinth. However, there are lots of lovely summer bulbs which can be […]

January in your garden

January can be a quiet month in the garden although, on mild days, there’s a chance to do a bit of weeding and, of course, clearing up borders, removing debris and mountains of leaves. As it’s cold and frosty for birds, it’s a good time to put out food and water as birdbaths can easily […]

December in your garden

December is always busy as we look forward to Christmas and the New Year celebrations. We could be forgiven for sitting back and staying cosy. However, there are plants that are always associated with this festive month.If you have an apple, hawthorn, lime or poplar tree, you might like to try growing your own mistletoe. […]

November in your garden

Winter is coming! Not that Game of Thrones showed any gardens of course! November with its short days and cold winds means that plants need protection from frost, gales and freezing rains. However, as winter approaches it’s the best time to prepare. Leaves are a commodity in any garden and, once transformed into mould, perfect […]

October in your garden

October is the best month for autumn colour – as trees and shrubs enter their dormant period they reward us with one final display.  Evergreen foliage is the backbone of the garden at any time of year, but especially in autumn. However, Japanese Acers are the undisputed kings of autumn colour although they don’t grow […]

September in your garden

September is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. There are some jobs, however, like preparing the lawn for winter and pruning, that are best done at this time of year. If your lawn requires it, this is the ideal time to scarify, reducing and removing the thatch that has built up […]