How Fencing Can Create a More Inspiring Garden

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After a mild winter, the first buds of spring could be seen poking through the soil by the end of January. The vibrant yellow of those first crocuses, daffodils and primroses act as a ray of light. They offer a delightful sign that winter is over and the longer days are upon us.

If we are keen to get out in the garden, it can be tempting to start clearing and planting on the first warm day of the year. Whilst a good tidy up in the garden can provide almost instant improvements to the look of our outdoor space and the fresh air certainly gives us a boost, it is better not to get too carried away.

For a start, the soil is still likely to be quite cold and damp. Excessive digging can compact the soil and seeds can easily rot, rather than germinate. It is also quite typical to experience frosty mornings until the middle of May. For these reasons, your hard work can be fruitless if you start too soon.

If you are keen to get things going, start by germinating seeds in the greenhouse or on a windowsill, so the seedlings can be planted out when the soil has benefitted from the heat of the sun and the risk of frost damage has passed.

Gardening events

A great way for gardening enthusiasts to get their fix is by attending one of the many horticultural shows that take place in the early part of the year. From locally held events and open garden schemes to large horticultural shows, there is plenty to excite and inspire. Below are a couple of events that are taking place in the south during April.

RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza

With a preview on 31 March, this event officially opens on 1 & 2 April at Lindley Hall. As the title suggests, it is a wonderful collection of plants from which you can find the perfect colour, size and soil or sun loving conditions to fit that particular bed or spot in your garden. The event also features the Orchid Show, where experts will be on hand to answer questions relating to this exotic plant species.

RHS Cardiff

A really family friendly horticultural event takes place in Cardiff from 15-17 April. Stunning gardens, planting and design will help visitors to visualise the potential of their gardens, no matter what size it is. The entries for the children’s competition, a Roald Dahl inspired planted wheelbarrow, are also expected to draw plenty of attention from the crowd.

Gardens Illustrated Festival

A relatively new event will be taking place in Tetbury, Gloucestershire on 22 & 23 April. The Gardens Illustrated festival promises a broad range of horticultural talks from specialists including Matthew Wilson, Chris Beardshaw, Cleve West and Carol Klein. Whilst the focus is on sharing information and ideas, there will of course be plenty of plants on sale.

Such horticultural events can play an important role in garden planning. They can help you select plants that are most likely to thrive in the conditions offered in your outdoor space. You can get great advice on every aspect of gardening and also see the delights of show gardens for inspiration.

Fencing and Hard Landscaping

In addition to the plants, it is important to consider the other factors that help to create appealing garden design. The hard landscaping is often overlooked, but paths, fencing, walls, steps and other features can create a solid structure to the garden, which allows the plants to shine.

You may not be able to fully throw yourself into planting at this time of year, but installing, repairing and maintaining such features is an ideal job to get done before the plants start to grow. If you are looking for a specialist company to supply and install such features as fencing, Wokingham and surrounded areas are served by Gardeneer:

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