Summer in the Garden

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Garden Design Maidenhead

Garden Design Maidenhead

The summer months are the time when all of your hard work really pays off. The time and effort dedicated to digging and weeding, the planting and watering and the carefully selected plants all becomes worthwhile as the garden is alive with colour, scent and foliage.

With long days and warm evenings the summer months provide plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the garden at its best. You can delight at the full borders, tuck into the freshly ripened crops of strawberries and watch bees, birds and butterflies as they make the most of nature’s harvest.

The summer months also provide the ideal opportunity to visit other gardens. There will be open garden events throughout the country, along with gardens in stately homes, public parks, RHS gardens and places such as Kew Gardens in London or The Eden Project in Cornwall. A wander around a garden on a warm summer’s day provides the chance to admire the hard work of others, as well as gaining inspiration for your own plot of land.

Whilst it is tempting to simply sit back, relax and enjoy your summer garden, there are a few essential jobs that need to be seen to.

Regular Watering

Firstly, there is a greater chance of extended dry spells, so a regular watering of your borders and vegetable plots is necessary to help plants to survive. It is advisable to water plants in the early hours of the morning, as this encourages more of the water to be absorbed into the soil before it is evaporated by the heat of the day.

In order for the soil to retain more moisture, you can cover damp soil in mulch after a downpour to provide a protective layer. Another option is to make use of ground cover plants. If at all possible, you should install a water butt into your garden to collect rainwater and use this to water your plants. Rainwater isn’t processed like tap water, so contains fewer chemicals and is better for the plants. This approach also saves on your water bills.

Pest Control

It’s not just butterflies and bees that want to make the most of your plants. Whilst collecting pollen doesn’t compromise the integrity of your blooms, a hungry caterpillar or slugs can have a much greater effect. A newly planted crop of peas, the daintiest petals and most lush green leaves can be ruined overnight by opportunistic pests.

Companion planting, netting, beer traps, copper tape, soapy water and a vigilant eye are just a few of the methods that keen gardeners use to keep pests at bay. You will discover your own organic methods for pest control and these are far better than resorting to chemicals.

Lawn Management

Through the summer months, the lawn benefits from a bit of attention. With the right preparation, the lawn can be in great condition through the summer, providing a delightful area for relaxing, picnics and games. In order to keep it in good condition, it is important to maintain a regular mowing routine. Ideally this should be a short trim twice a week.

If you have laid new lawn or grass seeds this year, it is important to also water the lawn regularly through the summer. More established lawn is better able to regenerate after a dry spell, even if it goes brown.

The Borders

All plants grow well in the sunlight and this includes weeds. Deadheading will extend the flowering period of plants that you want in your border, whilst weeding will help to remove the competition for space, light and water. These two jobs are far from exciting, but they are essential if you want to keep your borders in top condition.

Spring flowering shrubs can be pruned, whilst summer bedding plants can be planted to fill gaps and provide additional areas of colour. If you have run out of space in your borders, patio pots and hanging baskets are ideal for further colourful displays.

Garden Design

If you aren’t completely happy with your garden at this time of year, it could be time to consider a new garden design. A fresh layout, new plants and planting schemes, hard landscaping and a rethink of how the space could be best used for your requirements, could transform your outside space.

From helping you to keep up to speed with your garden maintenance, to using our skills and expertise to create a new garden design, Maidenhead based Gardeneer can ensure that your garden is a delight all year around.

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