January in your garden

Just the thought of January could deter one from gardening – so much easier to stay indoors and keep warm! However, there are jobs like planting bare root roses, starting off the sweet peas and chitting the first early potatoes – amongst other things of course!


Gardening in January is mostly about keeping things trim and tidy to prepare for the year to come. Winter is a good time to prune most deciduous trees, plants and fruit trees, when the plants are dormant. Take care not to prune spring-flowering shrubs or you will lose the benefit of this years’ colour. Prune back overlarge or straggly plants such as Viburnum and Mahonia in winter to help control or prevent the spread of disease.

Tubs and containers

Tubs and containers need care, for instance cutting back regularly and removing debris. They can be mulched with compost or with grit to reduce the surface puddling. Some pots – particularly those sheltered by eaves or balconies to keep them moist so they do not dry out. Containers need to be on raised feet or bricks so that they don’t sit in the wet.

Plants which add colour or scent to the garden in January. 

Winter in the garden can be really wonderful. These plants will brighten your landscape.Cornus Sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ (Dogwood) with striking red stems.Salix Alba (Willow) for structure.Hamemelis (Witchhazel) for its flowers and scent.Lonicera x Purpusii ‘Winter Beauty’ (Honeysuckle) highly scented.Jasminum Midiflorum (Winter Jasmine) a favourite for a splash of winter colour with small, fragrant, yellow flowers.

Garden Tidying up.

Gardeneer can work with you to plan and design your garden whether it’s just one border or a whole new garden. Gardeneer will make it just the way you’d like it – so perhaps now is the best time to get in touch so that your garden dreams can spring into life. And don’t forget that, after any severe winter winds, a Gardeneer team is available to carry out repairs to damaged fences or build new ones.

Jobs to do in the garden in January.

Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch.

Clean pots and greenhouses ready for spring

Dig over any vacant plots that have not been dug already

Disperse worm casts in lawns

Inspect stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna for rots or drying out

Prune apple and pear trees

Start forcing rhubarb

Plan your vegetable crop rotations for the coming season

Keep putting out food and water for hungry birds


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