August garden plant maintenance

August garden plant maintenance in Wokingham and Maidenhead

Berkshire and surrounding areas

The beautiful and flamboyant Hibiscus

August can be the month you sit out on your patio enjoying a barbecue and a drink with family and friends, but colour might have disappeared from your garden. Many shrubs and herbaceous plants have already flowered and are past their best. However, there are some plants that would give your garden some colour.

The hardy Hibiscus are always worth considering and they love a position in the sun. Hibiscus syriacus “Bluebird” is a classic with large blue flowers and “Woodbridge” has bright pink blooms. Alternatively “Hamabo” has large white petals with a crimson blotch at the base and there is a gorgeous little shrub, Perovskia “Blue Spire” commonly known as Russian sage, which is a great addition to any border; again it likes full sun and produces large wispy flower spikes of deep blue. This one is best cut back hard in late April to early May as new basal shoots appear. Leycesteria formosa “Golden Lanterns” is a striking combination of golden foliage with deep crimson pendulous flower spikes, and this shrub too benefits from a hard prune in late April to keep it bushy and compact.

If you like fragrance in your garden, Myrtus communis would be perfect. This small, compact, evergreen shrub produces small white flowers with fluffy stamens with the sweetest scent. A herbaceous perennial is Physostegia virginiana “Summer Snow”. Its very descriptive cultivar name gives the clue as this perennial produces masses of dense, pure white flower spikes which grow up to 75cms high (2’to 3’). This one too prefers full sun.

We often suggest to Gardeneer customers when designing their gardens that they do not just rely on flowers to for impact in a garden, but to use foliage to give the wow factor in their borders. Ceratostigma willmottianum is a wonderful small shrub and loves full sun. It is covered in a profusion of cobalt blue flowers with a slight hint of white at their centre. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try Eucryphia x nymansensis? This large, evergreen shrub has a pillar-like growing habit and can eventually reach a height of 3m (10’). It produces an abundance of single white flowers, 8cms across with beautiful, prominent, yellow stamens. It thrives in full sun and will attract bees and butterflies, so much so it could rival a Buddleia!

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Jobs for August

  • Take cuttings from tender plants such as hardy Fuchsias, Penstemons and Osteospermums as insurance against a hard winter
  • Rambling roses can be pruned after flowering – thin and shorten shoots and cut out one in three stems at their base, concentrating on the older stems to encourage new stems to grow and replace them.
  • Consider cutting hedges for the final time this year,.
  • Lightly trim any Lavender to keep it compact
  • Continue to feed tomatoes to help them continue giving a good yield
  • Wisteria can be pruned now by removing any whippy new shoots to 4 or 5 buds from the main stems

We hope you have enjoyed the August gardening tips from Gardeneer