June garden plant maintenance in Wokingham and Maidenhead

 June garden plant maintenance in Wokingham and Maidenhead

Berkshire and surrounding areas

Forsythia in all its glory

June! A vibrantly colourful month when the garden seems to burst into life as a reward for all the garden plant maintenance that’s been put in. There are Sweet Peas and Morning Glory, Pansies, Petunias and Black-eyed Susan, Summer Spirea and Philadelphus, to name just a few lovely flowers.

Fifteen years ago the RHS published Gardening in the Global Greenhouse. Now, based on research from the RHS and the Universities of Reading and Sheffield, the RHS is to launch an update, Gardening in a Changing Climate. This update covers a large survey of amateur gardeners and emphasises the importance of gardens and their interaction with the environment as well as providing information for gardeners wishing to adapt their gardens to climate change in terms of plant choice and garden design. The responses gathered have shown how incredibly resourceful gardeners are and how willing they are to face the challenges and changing behaviours and expectations needed for plant choice and garden design. The horticultural sector will play a crucial role in helping gardeners’ success. There will also be a dividing line for gardens because the South of England will be hotter and drier than the North which will be wetter and colder.

However, whatever changes are coming in the garden you can be sure of one thing – Gardeneer will be up to date and there to help, not only with advice and answers to challenging horticultural questions but with planting, designing, lawn care, fencing, patios, decking, fencing and all garden requirements.

Jobs for June

  • Start liquid feeding hanging baskets and planted containers to maintain health and flowering performance
  • Do not forget to start dead-heading any bedding plants to keep them flowering, including those planted in containers and hanging baskets
  • Cut back the flowered stems of Euphorbias – this will help prevent infestation of mildew
  • Look out for signs of leaf rolling sawfly on roses: symptoms are, as the name suggests, leaves rolled over into long tubes. Spray with a good insecticide
  • Prune plum trees, including any wall trained specimens. Cut out weak growth or crossing branches. Cut all others to six leaves. It is best to prune in June to avoid the silver leaf virus
  • Pinch out any side shoots on your cordon tomatoes
  • Divide any bearded iris (Iris germanica) now as this is the best month to do it
  • In greenhouses, start to damp down the greenhouse floor as this will help prevent the rise of red spider mites – they hate high humidity
  • Start to cut hedges
  • Hang pheromone traps in apple trees to catch Codling Moth
  • Do not forget to start watering plants you have in tubs regularly at least once a week
  • Start to remove side shoots from your Tomatoes
  • Put up shading in your greenhouse
  • Cut back foliage on spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, crocus
  • Keep a weather eye out for pest and diseases such as Powdery mildew, Aphids, caterpillars (especially on brassicas)