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Laying Artificial Lawns throughout Berkshire

Artificial lawns give the same appearance of plush green grass, but without the maintenance that real grass requires. To find out more about our artificial lawn services, please contact our team in Berkshire.

Artificial Lawns

Artificial ‘fake’ or ‘synthetic’ grass is now so realistic, durable, and easy to maintain that it is a far cry from those synthetic looking plasticky surfaces. There is a high-quality range of new grasses to suit the various uses for this versatile product in residential, school, and commercial situations. It can be used to cover up old paths, decking, and patios.

Artificial grass is a more advantageous choice than conventional turf for shade, damp, or heavy-foot traffic and play areas. Installation requires some professional preparation of a foundation to ensure the final surface stays level and does not curl at the edges. The artificial grass is more expensive than natural turf but will provide years of very low maintenance, soft green surface, which is often difficult to tell apart. It has many uses and is suitable for both residential and commercial gardens. Schools and nurseries most commonly use it for sports and play areas. Apartments use it on balconies, terraces, and roof gardens, and you often see it used indoors at shows and events.

Artificial Lawns and Turf

In summary, it saves you time, money, and provides a neat lasting appearance that requires minimal maintenance. You do not have to mow, weed, treat, or water this attractive and durable product. It saves your time in giving attention and care to the artificial grass itself. Unlike other synthetic grass, it has more long lasting life expectancy.

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