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Installing Fencing throughout Berkshire

Protect your property from unwanted attention with durable, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective fencing. Ideal for gardens with young children and pets running about, we install everything from budget Larchlap to decorative Trellis fencing to the highest standard. To find out more about our fencing services, please contact our team in Berkshire.

Quality Fencing

Fencing is a very important feature as it can influence the look and feel of a garden. It may also be used to keep pets in or other animals out.

Whether you require close board fencing in Wokingham or Maidenhead for added security, a budget Larchlap, or Trellis as a decorative boundary, we will measure, select, and erect your chosen style. To protect our wood products from the weather, we pre-treat them with preservatives. There is no need to further treat them during their life, except if you want to make them more attractive. The choice of colour is between a natural-looking pine colour (called green in the trade) and brown, which is pre-dipped to give a deeper colour finish.

Fencing Wokingham

As well as supplying high quality, hard wearing panels and fence posts, we ensure they are suitably erected to withstand all types of weather. We can also add wires to your fencing to help support and train climbers, showing them off to greater effect.

We offer a choice of boards and posts to suit your requirements. For added strength and durability, we fit concrete posts and gravel boards. Although if you have more of an eye on your budget, we can opt for wooden posts or wooden gravel boards which last for many years.

Larchlap Panel Fencing

Horizontal strips making up 6’x6’ panels – pre-constructed by the manufacturer.

This was the standard fencing supplied for most developments over the last 20 years. They used to be erected using 3”x3” wood posts – these rotted easily, so now we use 4”x4” posts which last substantially longer. Concrete slotted posts are used in combination with panel fencing to enable quick and easy replacement of worn-out or damaged panels. Sometimes we will suggest a temporary repair to a post using a concrete spur to hold up an individual post if the rest of the fence seems to have some life left in it. Typically, this is the horizontal Larchlap style 6’ x 6’, but the vertical feather-board style ones are a more attractive alternative.

Fencing Maidenhead

Feather-board or feather-edge fencing – narrow vertical planks of wedge-shaped wood.

This style of fencing is more robust and is constructed on-site. We fix the posts in the ground with a concrete mix (using wood or concrete posts to suit), then brace the posts with longitudinal triangular arris rails and a gravel board across the base. We then nail on the boards individually to give a strong fence with a pleasing appearance. If you would like that extra little touch, we suggest adding a top rail and capping to the top of the fence. This style of fencing normally is erected in bays of 3m and works out as economical as a basic Larchlap one if the measurements work out just right!

Fence Maintenance Services

We also provide a maintenance service, which consists of applying fence paint or preservative to help maintain the appearance and strength of your fencing year after year.

If your fence has suffered in high winds, or if you have a rotting post, there is the risk of the whole fence coming down. In this instance, we will put in a single support spur and measure up for a quote, so that you can assess your options.

Wire Mesh and Chain Link Fencing

When you need to secure your garden from pets escaping or wildlife such as foxes getting in, wire mesh may be the solution. Chain link resembles tennis-court style netting, but lower-profile can be installed behind an existing hedge and is virtually invisible.

Secure Your Property

When you take advantage of the fencing services we provide.

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