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First-Rate Jet-Wash Services Provided in Berkshire

Renew the appearance of your patio with our effective jet-washing services. Carrying out a treatment on your patio, we skilfully remove black spots to give the area a new and improved look. To find out more about the solutions we provide to renew the appearance of patios, please get in touch with our team in Berkshire.


Jet Washing

Are your paths, driveway, and patio covered in unsightly and hard-to-remove black spots? We have experienced the same issue as you, and over the recent years, the problem seems to be getting worse, even though we give them all a powerful jet-wash annually. The final touch is to cut out the old and damaged pointing and replace it with new product to give the patio a fresh appearance.

We have been looking for a way to clean those pesky black spots off and prevent them from coming back for some time, and at last, after testing it on our garden paving, we have achieved a remarkable level of success. The process is quite expensive, which is the sting in the tail, but if a renovated patio would make you smile, we believe this treatment will do it for you. Incidentally, as a bonus, it also removes green and red algae, allowing you to get close to reviving the paving to its original colour.


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