Patio, driveway and path black spot removal

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Patio, driveway and path black spot removal

Are your paths, driveway and patio covered in unsightly and hard to remove black spots?

We experienced the same issue as you and over the recent years the problem seems to be getting worse, even though we give them all a powerful jet-wash annually.

We have been looking for a way to clean these pesky black spots off and prevent them coming back and at last, after testing it on our own garden paving, we have achieved a remarkable level of success. The sting in the tail is the process is quite expensive but if a renovated patio would make you smile, we believe this treatment will do it for you. Incidentally as a bonus, it also removes green and red algae so you get close to reviving the original paving colour when it was newly laid.


The final touch will be to have the old and damaged pointing cut out and replaced with new clean product to make the patio look like it has just been re-laid.

So if we can help you to achieve great results with your patio / path / driveway, please contact us on 0844 8220 777 (local rate) mobile 07412 353282 or email us We will respond to your request within 24hrs (Mon-Fri).

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