Expertly Carrying out Patio Installations and Gardening throughout Berkshire

Relax on warm summer nights on a patio that we have installed to your exact specifications. Moreover, in addition to patio installations, we also add kerb appeal to the exterior of your property by installing a new driveway. No project fazes our team of experts, and we always go the extra mile to proficiently carry out all work. To arrange a patio or driveway installation consultation, please get in touch with our team in Berkshire.


So, you have decorated the inside of your property, perhaps you have added an extension, conservatory, or extended the kitchen to look out onto the garden, but now it is the garden’s turn for a bit of attention.

Patios and decking provide the link between the house and the garden. It is an area where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your well-maintained garden. The durability of patios means that they can take the weight from seating, BBQ, and storage areas, thus protecting the lawn from damage.

Why Install a Patio?

In the summer or even just a dry sunny day, there is nothing more conducive to peaceful enjoyment of the fresh air than sitting out in the garden. The sound of birds singing in the bushes, the buzz of the bees collecting nectar from the colourful plants and blue skies above – bliss!

We design, supply, and construct your patio in a variety of surfaces, thus providing a seemingly random layout to make it easy on the eye. The paving can be shaped to follow the contours of the garden, which offers an attractive, hard-standing area for you to sit, play, or party on. Moreover, we often install the patio under the lip of the sill from the patio doors so that the surface appears to be an extension of your living room. This gives you a ‘room in the garden’.

Several of our customers have used the paving as a base for their garden swings, pergolas, gazebos, or even as an additional seating area for a quiet cup of tea in a shadier spot, or to catch the last bit of the evening sun.

After helping you choose the colour and style of paving to enhance your home and garden, we construct a firm foundation and top it with your selected patio. This can be manmade, sandstone, limestone, or slate to suit your requirements and budget. There is often a manhole cover to contend with, and we supply a new recessed unit to allow us to inset matching paving and almost make the old ugly cover ‘disappear’. Some gardeners choose to lay the paving edge-to-edge, but at our company, we usually point the gap between the paving slabs.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The way your front drive looks says something about how proud you are of the appearance of your property and how much care you take of it. A neat, weed-free shaped drive with contrasting edging speaks volumes and is much easier to maintain than tarmac. An occasional jet-wash and re-sanding with kin dried sand are all that is required.

There is a choice of surfaces available depending on budget, preference, and drainage requirements. The most popular surface is block paving, and now the more cottage-style look of cobble setts. These two both can be laid in a pattern such as a circle, thus enabling you to personalise your drive and give it an unusual appearance. For driveways where there is a risk of flooding or drainage issues, it may be advantageous to choose a gravel topping.

In all cases, the time spent on preparation to give a firm foundation is the key to a long life and a smooth surface for years to come.


In many instances, there is a need for ready access to the washing line or the shed – you may even have a man cave or workshop at the bottom of the garden. We can install a path to match the patio or use a contrasting gravel surface if that suits you better. In any event, it will make it easier for access and prevent muddy shoes or boots back into the house.

Transform the Exterior of Your Property

With a patio or driveway installation from the experts at Gardeneer.

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