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January in your Garden

Who knows what the weather will bring. December was so warm that the roses carried on until Christmas and the lawn was still growing. However, there are things that we should be looking out for and enjoying in January.

Structural plants in your garden

Cornus (Dogwood) – generally pruned every other year in early Spring down to about 18” /45cm to give wand like stems for later in the year. Most dogwood give small white flowers in summer and lovely Autumn coloured leaves. They are not too fussy about the type of soil and will thrive in the sun or partial shade.

Cornus Sanguinea Midwinter fire – starts out with yellow stems which gradually change through orange to crimson red. Alba Britzensis – Coral red stems. Sericea Flaviramea –  Yellow/green stems.

Garden colour and scent

Hamamelis (Witchhazel) – these deciduous shrub/ small trees add colour and scent in January. There are different coloured ones. Hamamelis Diane – red, Vernalis Amethyst – purple, Jelena – orange and Arnold Promise – yellow.

Viburnum Bodnantense New Dawn.

This is a highly scented shrub with pink clusters of flowers on bare stems. Plant in the sun or partial shade. Prune after flowering and cut out the crossover and damaged branches to thin the shrub out. It prefers well drained fertile soil.

Sarcoccoca hookeriana (winter box)

Another highly scented winter shrub. This one has small white creamy flowers followed by black berries, it prefers a shady spot with little sun.

Jobs for January in the garden.

Cut back the herbaceous plants

Aerate the lawn especially in the more damp areas.

Dig over the vegetable plot.

Mulch the flower borders.

Clear leaves from the pond. Add a tennis ball to protect pond life by preventing the surface freezing over.

Clean the greenhouse.

Prune apple and pear trees.

Cut down shrub roses to about half height to prevent wind rock damaging the roots.


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